HTC Edge First Quad Core | HTC Edge Smartphone

HTC Edge First Quad Core Smartphone

HTC Edge First Quad Core Smartphone
HTC Edge First Quad Core | HTC Edge Smartphone - After launch smartphones based on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, there is a report stating HTC is preparing the first quad-core processor smartphone.

The first Quad Core Smartphone called HTC Edge is going to adopt Tegra 3 processor with four 'brains' of a 1.5 GHz. Another leak of HTC's Edge reports that the smartphone has a screen high definition (HD) 4.7-inch size, 1 GB of RAM and 8 megapixel camera complete with flash-based LEDs.

Until now the most powerful processor for Android-based smartphone processor is still held by the Tegra 2, made by NVIDIA that carries a powerful chip with dual core 1.5 GHz. NVIDIA Tegra processor 2 has made the Android-based smartphones more competitive in graphics and gaming capabilities.

Adobe Releases Adobe Reader for IOS

Adobe Reader for iOS

Adobe Releases Adobe Reader for IOS
TechnoHills | Adobe Reader for iOS - Adobe PDF might be able to show dominance in the desktop market, but not so with the mobile market like for the iPhone and the iPad market. Especially after the mobile device presents similar services such as GoodReader and Apple released the iBook. The advantage is clear, the services are not interspersed with advertisements.

But it makes Adobe continues to innovate, by presenting the Adobe Reader for IOS. This application will be able to run on iPhone and iPad. Later the user can directly read the PDF on the web or email in all applications which connected with iOS.

This Adobe reader for iOS interface are interesting, users can search for text, and bookmark pages just by scrolling. In addition the PDF-based messages can be zoom or reduced the text size, and then can choose the copy features a direct of the text.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Officially Released

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Officially Released

Google and Samsung will finally announce their latest mobile phone in Hong Kong on Wednesday. The event was previously scheduled for last week, but was postponed to honor the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, who died earlier this month.

This phone will be the third Samsung phone in partnership with Google. Samsung Nexus Prime will also be the first mobile phone which running the latest version of the Android operating system, code named Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). Rumour online suggests that these devices will include high definition (720p) with 1.5 GHz dual core processor with a screen size of 4.65.

It is hoped that this device will be launched in the UK later this month or early November, for the Christmas season. Earlier other Android products from Google has also been released, it called Nexus which is made by HTC and Nexus S by Samsung.

iPhone 4S Have Bad Screen? | iPhone 4S Users Complaining About Its Screen

iPhone 4S users Complaining About Screen

iPhone 4S Have Bad Screen? | iPhone 4S Users Complaining About Its Screen - The emergence of the iPhone 4S are now beginning to reap the controversy. One of them is that some users are starting to complain about the screen that is slightly yellowish. Users complain through the forum on the company by saying the color of their new phones look quite weak and slightly yellow in color.

"The color is less bright and some look a bit blurry. I also noticed in some point of view it is more yellow, while others have seen more contrast," as one of iPhone 4S have complained.

This is a similar problem when the iPhone 4 was launched a years ago. At that time many users complained about the same problem. The company claims this is because the fast delivery, so that the glue which used to attach the LCD is not too dry and it is not quite normal.

Facebook For iPad Application

Facebook application for the iPad Officially Launched

Facebook for Ipad Application | iPad - Facebook finally officially launched its official application for the iPad, after several months of speculation and was leaked to the media.

Facebook for Ipad Application
Application called Facebook for iPad is now available in IOS App Store, and looks much like that was leaked in July.

Looks like Facebook for iPad is designed specifically for maximum user experience, seen from the maximum photo features. The photos were able to meet a full screen, and users can zoom-in or out. Navigation through the photo album is also much easier to move it left or right.

LG Android Smartphone | LG Optimus Net | LG Optimus Q

Latest LG Android Optimus Android Smartphone

LG Android Smartphone | LG Optimus Net | LG Optimus Q - LG has not given up in the smartphone market, especially for the Android system. One proof of the existence of South Korean vendors are the presence of two new Android from LG.

According to information circulating, LG will introduce two series namely, LG Optimus Net and Optimus Q. Although different on its series, but both of these phones have almost the same specs.

Overall, both phones are carrying the 3.2-inch screen sizes with HVGA display, while it have 800Mhz processor. The camera itself will carry the resolution which are not too big, just 3 MP, although previously rumored to be present with 5MP.

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Specifications | Kindle Fire | Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Specifications

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Specifications
Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Specifications | Kindle Fire | Amazon Kindle Fire - Amazon directly got public attention when successfully launched its first tablet that is named Kindle Fire. Even Amazon tablet is touted as the 'iPad killer'.

Why Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is called iPad Killer? It is inseparable from the specification that was carried and features offered almost similar and close to the iPad. But most certainly is, the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet offers a much cheaper price than the iPad.

Amazon Kindle Fire Specifications

Rumors indicate that Amazon Kindle Fire tablets has a 7-inch screen size with a 16-million colors. Such as the iPad, Kindle Fire tablet also embedded with IPS panel, which means it has a wide viewing angle and excellent color saturation. It have enough dense resolution to 169 pixels per inch. This is not comparable with 326 pixels per inch of iPhone 4 screen which is small, but it's better than the iPad which comes with 132 pixels per inch. In addition, this screen is protected by Gorilla Glass. While the body has been coated rubberised back. This tablet only have weighs 414g, and only has one port for charging.

Xbox Live with Windows 8 | Windows 8 | Xbox Live

Windows 8 Will Connect with Xbox Live

Windows 8 Will Connect with Xbox Live
Xbox Live with Windows 8 | Windows 8 | Xbox Live - Microsoft is ready to make the Xbox Live as the most universal online gaming platform in the world. In fact now there are many console games can be played online. Later the Xbox Live network will be much better than the Sony Playstation (PS Network) and Nintendo Wii.

Of course, Microsoft was able to invest a lot of effort and resources to Xbox Live, because anyone who wants to play in a multiplayer online game have to pay a subscription fee. There are no other platform that Microsoft is in serious work on it.

However, users who are willing to pay to get access each month or per year will have a deeper experience for Xbox Live play. Last year Microsoft had launched a lighter version of the service that runs on Windows Phone platform.

New iPhone Release | iPhone | New iPhone Release in Cupertino Campus

Apple Announces New iPhone in Cupertino Campus

Apple Announces New iPhone in Cupertino Campus
New iPhone Release | iPhone |  New iPhone Release in Cupertino Campus - Apple's new iPhone is rumored to be announced in one of the buildings on the Cupertino campus. Selection of Apple's headquarters is the first in the history of the giant company's gadgets.

Because in reality, Apple has always carry the show by announcing its newest product in the large hall in downtown San Francisco. If correct, this is a big event ever made by Apple but with a small room.

This rumors itself circulated after a sources that close to the company spoke to the Wall Street Journal, including the same publication that claimed earlier this month, Apple will hold a ceremony on Tuesday, October 4.

PS Vita | PS Vita Release Date | PS Vita Will Glide On December 17

PS Vita On December

PS Vita Release Date
PS Vita | PS Vita Release Date | PS Vita Will Glide On December 17 - Sony finally confirm the launch of the newest portable console PlayStation Vita (Vita PS) which will begin to be launched in Japan on December 17. Sony's latest portable is already prepared with 26 title game and will run on 3G networks. Specialty for Japanese, PS Vita will work with NTT DoCoMo's 3G network as a provider.

PS Vita will come with some software designed to provide quality support camera, network connectivity and control systems using the touchpad. Game from Capcom which was first offered in this portable console is the 'Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom'.

PS Vita also enables users to interact with other players using the Japan popular video site Nico Nico Douga.

Flexibility on Samsung Galaxy Skin | Samsung Galaxy Skin

Samsung Galaxy Skin

Flexibility on Samsung Galaxy Skin | Samsung Galaxy Skin - To depose the dominance of the iPhone in the smartphone industry, Samsung should made an innovation. Just like this news, Korean electronics giant will produce a phone that is flexible with the name Samsung Galaxy Skin in 2012. This latest phones could be as the first phone that can be bent and resistant to hard objects.

Samsung's latest phones are officially began designed at Hongik Univesity in South Korea in June and then developed at CES 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada by Professor Haeseong Jee and Jye Yeon Yaou. The designers of this phone (Samsung Galaxy Skin) says its development is still in the conceptual stage.

Acer Iconia Smart | Acer Android Smart Phone | Acer Iconia Smart Android

Acer Iconia Smart Released in September

Acer Iconia Smart | Acer Android Smart Phone | Acer Iconia Smart Android - Acer is rumored to release their smart phone, Acer Iconia Smart, which has been introduced since a few months ago, in September. Yes, Iconia Smart indeed been introduced by Acer in the Mobile World Congress carpet in Barcelona, last February. But until now Acer have not shown signs of launch Acer Iconia Smart.

However, public anticipation seems to be coming to an end. According to a statement Acer Germany, Iconia Smart reportedly will be released by mid next month. Unfortunately, the Acer Germany did not give clearer guidance about the planned for launch of the smart phone.

Lighter and Cheaper Wii | Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Prepare the Lighter and Cheaper Wii version

Lighter and Cheaper Wii | Nintendo Wii - Japanese gaming giant Nintendo rumored to be launching Wii with a thinner design and a cheaper price for the European market, end this year. The new console which is claimed have the white color will include Wii Remote Plus controller, Nunchuk, as well as some Wii games and Wii Sports Party.

Nintendo states this device will be thinner and cheaper than the Wii version before, although not stated exactly how much the price of the console. Not only that, Nintendo Wii also has not released the latest images.

Eee Pad Transformer 2 | Asus Eee Pad | Kal El Nvidia Tegra

Asus Eee Pad Transformer 2 with Kal El Nvidia Tegra

Eee Pad Transformer 2 | Asus Eee Pad | Kal El Nvidia Tegra - Third-generation Nvidia's Tegra chip, which is Kal El, will reportedly be installed in last tablet from Asus, Eee Pad Transformer 2. Although not much is known about the tablets which have plan to be launch in October. Asus Eee Pad Transformer 2 will be the first tablet on the market that uses Kal El. Nvidia has stated there are at least five devices that will use the chip.

Kal El has a speed of 1.5 GHz and promising performance five times faster than its predecessor, the Tegra 2. In addition, these chips also allow excessive power consumption, so the battery can last longer.

Revealed Android 4.0 OS | Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Revealed Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Revealed Android 4.0 OS | Android Ice Cream Sandwich - Did you recognize how the picture of Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade on Android OS? It should be the first picture of this long-awaited “Ice Cream Sandwich” upgrade in the Android smartphone operating system that were leaked in the world. New design of interface contains a new launcher and also the app drawer, a renewed notification bar and color selection changes favoring a small blue shade.

ViewPad 10pro dual-OS Android and Windows | ViewPad 10pro

Get ViewPad 10pro, Get The Windows and Android OS Tablet

ViewPad 10pro dual-OS Android and Windows | ViewPad 10pro - Get confused for choosing Android or Windows-based tablets? Now you can get both at ViewPad 10pro. This VewPad tablet not only have two OS, ViewPad 10pro is also the first tablet which is armed the latest 1.5 GHz Atom processor Z670 from Intel. Designed specifically for tablet PCs, this new processor will minimize power consumption and enables the design of products that are smaller and thinner.

"We listened to (desire) of our consumers. We make a dual-OS interface in ViewPad 10pro as fast and as intuitive as possible. In addition, we also partnered with CPU industry leaders, Intel, to bring innovation and new designs," said Vice President of Business Development ViewSonic, Michael Holstein.

Samsung Galaxy S II | Samsung Galaxy S II Specification

Get Samsung Galaxy S II On August 29th

Samsung Galaxy S II | Samsung Galaxy S II Specification - Samsung Galaxy S II finally release, you can get more about this Samsung Galaxy S II on August 29th. Just wait on that day, because Samsung will make holding press event on that time in US.

It can be a great news for peoples who are waiting this new gadget from Samsung, as a notation from Samsung’s President of Mobile Shin Jong-Kyun that make a prediction that the US S II would launch sometime in August.

Asus Netbook | Eee PC X101 | MeeGo OS on Asua Eee PC X101

Eee PC X101, A MeeGo Netbook from Asus

Asus Netbook | Eee PC X101 | MeeGo OS on Asua Eee PC X101 - Had introduced at the Computex 2011 event, Asus released the Eee PC X101 which is now carrying the last MeeGo operating system.

Eee PC X101 is also claimed as the thinnest and lightest netbook with a thickness of 17.6 millimeters and weighs 920 grams. Asus Eee PC X101 Netbook is equipped with Intel Atom processor 1GB of RAM, two USB 2.0 ports, card-reader MicroSD and 8GB SSD that enables startup and opening applications more quickly.

In addition, Asus also includes technology Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) which are integrated in order to help conserve battery power netbooks. As quoted on Asus official statement.

Grant Theft Auto V Released Date | GTA Game | Grand Theft Auto 2012

Grand Theft Auto V Released 2012

Grant Theft Auto V Released Date | GTA Game | Grand Theft Auto 2012 - Rumors about the brand-new series of Grand Theft Auto V starts rolling. Developer Rockstar has told GameSpot that the new GTA will be ready for release in 2012.

In a shocking news was reported to GameSpot indicated that the developer of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA) , already well underway. Rockstar said it has completed the final touches to the game with a very large scale games and will soon release it in the next year.

Grand Theft Auto V

Sources claim the game GTA V is one of the major that will encourage speculation that the map the game will be much larger than Liberty City in GTA IV.

Fairly safe to assume that Rockstar has been working on a GTA game well for a while.

Nokia N9 Great Gadget | N9 The Futer Innovation of Nokia

N9 as Nokia Preview for Future Innovation

Nokia N9 Great Gadget | N9 The Futer Innovation of Nokia - Nokia has just unveiled their latest smart phone based MeeGo OS, N9. Specifically, Nokia said N9 as a future picture of the vendor in terms of design.

"N9 describes the innovations of Nokia in the future, such as industrial design, user interface (UI) which is more flexible, as well as focus confirmation nokia on Qt," said Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, while opening Nokia Connection, at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Nokia N9 introduces an innovative new design, which replaces the home button with a simple movement: swipe. No matter where you are in an application, swipe from the edge of the screen will take you to the main screen.

Sony Unlimited Android Music Application | Android Music Application

Sony Ready To Presents Unlimited Android Music Application

Sony Unlimited Android Music Application | Android Music Application - Sony stated that the Unlimited Android Music Application supported by Qriocity, will be coming soon on the Android Market in a number of countries such as the United States, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

Cloud-based unlimited Android Music Application would spoil the streaming music lovers with easy access anytime and anywhere. A growing catalog currently contains nearly seven million officially licensed songs from the world's leading labels such as Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertaintment, Warner Music Group and EMI Music and several other leading independent labels. Wow great news from Sony with this unlimited Android Music Application

Cloud Based Music Service | HP Online Music Service | Cloud Based Music

HP Also Prepare Cloud Based Music Service

Hewlett-Packard (HP) ready to challenge Google, Amazon and Apple with cloud based music service storage, which lets users access their music collections anywhere. HP are negotiating with a number of major music labels for these services (cloud based music service). Although still too early to know exactly what kind of service, HP reportedly will be presenting the cloud based music services, movies and television shows.

Another than cloud based music service by HP 

MacBook Air | Apple MacBook Air Released Date

New MacBook Air Released On Late June

New rumors are flying around new MacBook Air, some sources said that Apple Inc ready to selling this MacBook Air in late June with 380,000 units as the first shipment. And it may come with Apple's newest operating system, Lion OS X, as well as new Sandy Bridge processors.

MacBook Air released

Techno Game: Battlefield 3 Preorder | Battlefield 3 | Physical Warfare Pack

Get Your Game Battlefield 3 for Preorder

Techno Game: Battlefield 3 Preorder | Battlefield 3 | Physical Warfare Pack - Video games retail sellers GameStation and Game has announced extra content and some bonuses if the user performs preorder games that will be launched Electronic Arts, Battlefield 3.

Incentives received through preorder game Battlefield 3 is a Physical Warfare Pack, which is a series of new weapons for the game.

Physical Warfare Pack also includes gun Type 88 LMG, which provides extreme fire power, and some other extra weapons.

In addition, users who did preorder the game Battlefield 3 also will get "Back to Karkand", a feature that allows the 'remake' of the game Battlefield 2 maps.

Map that is on Back to Karkaand already including Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman and Sharqi Peninsula.

Battlefield 3 is a game first person shooter developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and is produced by Electronic Arts. Battlefield 3 will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2011 for Microsoft Windows platforms, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Techno Geek: Opera Mini Browser | Opera Mini 6 For IOS | iOS Opera Browser

Get Your Opera Mini 6 for IOS

Techno Geek: Opera Mini Browser | Opera Mini 6 For IOS | iOS Opera Browser - Opera Mini 6 browser for IOS have ready to release and can be downloaded free from Apple's App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Opera Mini mobile browser offers a different experience when surfing the web to complete the iPad browser and the iPhone which is already available. Compression feature nearly 90% of the traffic data for fast and cost-effective and it will not make users lose patience when you are in a slow Internet connection network, or when roaming.

For users who have iPhones 4, Opera Mini 6 can adapt in high resolution and changes to the user interface (UI) to accommodate the size of the screen.

As for users of the iPad, the Opera Mini browser version 6 will change the display to be more comfortable for the tablets.

"I would compare it to walk onto the stage and hear the roar of the audience," said Opera chief executive, Lars Boilesen, when describing his feelings when Opera Mini 6 is available on the App Store in its official statement.

"We've held a lot of practice and was ready to try new experiences. Browser Opera Mini always match the tempo when it download page, and now browsing becomes more smooth and easy," he concluded.

Opera Mini 6 for IOS claimed for faster and smoother in movement and zoom, which makes the users get a more detailed view for every page, in one smooth motion.

In addition, Opera Mini 6 also displays a button to share the sites you like on your friends at My Opera, Facebook, Twitter or Russia vKontakte social networking site directly from the browser.

Behind the stage, the engineers have changed the Opera browser to be faster and lighter. Quickly navigate, even on a large web page, for instant access. In IOS, the Opera Mini browser is registered as single downloads for all devices IOS.

Techno Lounge: Mango Features | Microsoft Mango Features | Windows Phone 7.5

Microsoft Promises Will Be 500 New Features in Mango

Techno Lounge: Mango Features | Microsoft Mango Features - Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has promised that Windows Phone 7.5 update which has a code name 'Mango' will bring 500 new features for the platform.

Speaking at a Microsoft developer conference in Japan, Ballmer highlighted the importance update for the Windows Phone platform, which he claims that the update will bring 500 new features and bring the functionality of the OS 'in line with its competitors.

Microsoft is expected to reveal Mango updates on events in London and New York on May 24.

Ballmer also said that Microsoft will announce a new partnership with mobile phone manufacturers (OEMs) and the new operator. This means that the platform will be available on mobile phones more and will be available in a variety of broader market.

Update Mango was first used by Microsoft during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This update is expected to bring faster web browser in the form in Internet Explorer 9, which includes multi-tasking, faster application performance, faster to transfer files and support for Office 365 and Windows Live.

But unfortunately, most of the 500 new features are still unknown. Because that's still too early to say whether the feature is enough to transform your Windows Mobile Phone into a competitive OS.

Cloud Music Service | Online Music Service | Apple Cloud Music

Apple's Cloud Music Service Will Launched Next Month?

Cloud Music Service | Online Music Service | Apple Cloud Music - According to some reports, it was said that next month Apple will launch a cloud-based music service, after they finished the negotiations with the four major record companies.

Cloud-based music service will be presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference event on 6 June.

According to the New York Times, the service will allow users to store their music in the cloud. Later the stored music can be heard on different devices, from PCs, cell phones, until the tablet.

Earlier in March, Amazon has also launched a cloud-based music services, such as Cloud and Cloud Drive Player. These services allow users to upload music to Amazon's servers and play them on computers or mobile devices based on Android.

Additionally, in May, Google's market also plunged on cloud-based music service called Google Music. The service allows users to store their music on online music library, to be streamed via PCs, cell phones and tablets.

Even so, Google Music is still beta formatted or in the experimental stage.

Tablet HTC Flyer On Best Buy | Gadget HTC Flyer | Best Buy

Tablet HTC Flyer On Best Buy | Gadget HTC Flyer | Best Buy

Flyer Tablet PC from HTC will be available at Best Buy starting on May 22, 2011. This news coming from the Best Buy.

7-inch tablet Android-based has 1,5GHz single-core processor, 1GB RAM and 16GB of storage space. Two cameras also exists in these tablets, which is a 5 megapixel camera on the back and a 1.3 megapixel camera on the front for video calls.

In addition, HTC Flyer users also can get the HDMI output, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. All of that obtained with the price of USD499, 99.

Flyer HTC first announced at the Mobile World Congress in last February.

It is reported that more than 1 million units HTC Flyer to be produced and shipped around the world.

Tablet HTC Flyer expected can reach 1.5 million units by the end of this year on the the total purchase.

Did You Know Apple Will Expand iPhone 4G in China | iPhone 4G

Did You Know Apple Will Expand iPhone 4G in China | iPhone 4G

Apple was allegedly will expand iPhone based on TD-LTE (Time Division-Long Term Evolution) with the first giant operator, China Mobile which is currently undertaking a trial service in several cities.

Yes, some time ago the China Mobile was busy testing the TD-LTE network, which has a speed of 20 to 30 times faster than 3G networks. Ticonderoga Securities Analyst, Brian White English claim if China Mobile chairman Wang Jianzhou is now negotiating with Apple to bring mobile phones with fourth generation technology.

“Remember, China Mobile has more customers than any operator on worldwide, with a total of 601 million subscribers by the end of March, or controlling 69 percent market share in the country,” writes White.

Maybe White’s analysis will not actually can be proven. Meanwhile, China Apple’s representative also rejected for comment.

China Mobile plans to conduct commercial trials of TD-LTE service beginning this year 2012 after initial tests in six major Chinese cities, including Shanghai. If the partnership with Apple is really happen, China Mobile will further strengthen its status as the world’s largest operator.

Honeycomb On Acer and Asus | Android 1.3 Honeycomb | Android Tablet

Honeycomb On Acer and Asus | Android 1.3 Honeycomb | Android Tablet
Eventhough Google has not officially announced the presence of Honeycomb platform updates, Android 3.1. But two leading computer manufacturer, Asus and Acer, apparently had planned to bury the operating system on their tablet products, next June.

Last week, Google introduced an important Android 3.0 Honeycomb update at a special conference developer I / O in San Francisco. Although not divulge any details of Android 3.1 will be released to the public, but reliable sources, claiming if Acer and Asus has moved quickly to adopt the platform.

According to the alert ThisIsMyNext and Engadget, Asus Italy has announced plans to update the Android 3.1 in his EeePad Transformer, June 2011. Then Acer get ready to immerse this platform on his Iconia 500 property.

Windows 7 Phone | Windows 7 Phone Plan to Record Their Users Data

Windows 7 Phone (Could Have) Plan to Record Users Data

After the case of location-based data tracking by Android and IOS sticking out, now a number of other mobile operating systems, get, 'the accused'. One of them is Windows Phone 7.

Besides the iPhone and Android phones that have been known to store data anywhere the user travels location, Microsoft also have the case.

Microsoft confirmed that Windows 7 Phone indeed track the user's location data automatically, regardless of whether the user activates the built-in GPS service or not.

However, unlike Apple, Microsoft is not covering up and furtively admit that.

Added, Windows 7 Phone does intend to collect data for meta-analysis as an internal knowledge related to the development of GPS, WiFi, and other wireless data signal.

FaceTime Similar Features will be Embedded in Android

FaceTime Similar Features will be Embedded in Android

The software giant Google announced that they would bury the video chat feature which will come to the Android smartphone platform.

Google Talk instant messenger, will soon be built-in for Android OS, which mean users will have video and voice chat functionality. This feature first appeared in the 2.3.4 update for the handset's Android Nexus S.

This system will be operated between smartphone Android and Google Talk in Gmail web mail application on your desktop computer. Google said the video call feature can be made through 3G or 4G data network or through Wi-Fi.

New chat client that also will superimpose text chat on the phone screen and will allow users to exit the application to check something in another place on the phone.

William and Kate Middleton | Royal Wedding Malware Alert! | Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Malware Alert!

Grand wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton have been established. Norton computer security firm urged Internet users to avoid the risk of a number of searches inserted malware.
Recognizing the high public interest is anticipated marriage, Norton released a list of related topics to avoid the biggest wedding of the century. Surprisingly, 61 percent of users exposed to malware attack that appears after clicking the site of the search "William and kate movie. "
Meanwhile, 58 percent infected with the virus while looking for photographs of "the death of princess Diana."

Apple White | Analyst: The Mystery About iPhone 4 | iPhone 4

Analyst: The Mystery About iPhone 4

In recent day Apple launched the iPhone 4 with white color variants. In addition to interesting, this smart phone has a mysterious side.

According to analyst Brian Withe from Ticonderoga Securites, there are separate reasons why the iPhone 4 white variants is always delayed its release. With this delay could creates the impression of mystery in it.

"This delay (white iPhone 4) actually create a kind of mysterious impression of this product and we believe a certain demographic could see that the gadget is interesting," as he said.

Brian also believes the white iPhone 4 will be best-selling 1 to 1.5 million units in each quarter. And particularly in Asia, the iPhone 4 with white color expected well received by local communities.

"I believe the white iPhone will be popular in Asia, especially in China and Japan," adds Brian.

TweetDeck | iPhone | TweetDeck 2.0 has Comes to iPhone

TweetDeck 2.0 has Comes to iPhone

TweetDeck, one of the most popular applications for Twitter, has launched its update to the iPhone.

The latest version, TweetDeck 2.0, brings new designs, iOS4 compatibility, support for the movement, touch navigation and full customization for the column.

In full customization features for columns, users can have the columns that display search results from Twitter, direct message from certain accounts and news feeds from Facebook, as well.

TweetDeck 2.0 also provides the ability to see the full conversation in detail, tweet, add the feed as a column with a single touch, and send a long tweet through the support

TweetDeck 2.0 applications already available in the iTunes App Store. So from now on to the iPhone web users could begin to replace the application with TweetDeck 2.0

Atari Game | Classical Game 'Paperboy' Coming to iPhone | iPhone Game

Classical Game 'Paperboy' Coming to iPhone

Still remember delivering newspapers in the Atari game called Paperboy? Now the classic game comes to the iPhone and App Store are already available.

Paperboy Game is free to download and use on the iPhone.

Just like the original version of the game, users will play a character Griffer to deliver newspapers, damaging the house that are not subject to newspaper delivery, and avoid the enemies along the road.

There is also a Story Mode, Classic Mode that allows users to play at the level of easy-to-medium-hard, and support for Game Centre

Nintendo Will Release Wii HD Console | Wii HD Console

Nintendo Will Release Wii HD Console

Recently released 3DS devices, gaming giant Nintendo will show off the console HD at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2011 which lasted 7 to 9 June 2011.

A number of U.S. technology website believe Nintendo will introduce a much more powerful console than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Although not known specification or control system is used, this console was allegedly still compatible with previous Wii games generation. Classic Nintendo games like Mario Bros. and Zelda is also expected to appear on the HD consoles.

Representative Nintendo is still silent about this news. But some analysts predicting Nintendo will market this device in 2012.

Adobe Warn About Flash Security Issues | Adobe Flash | Flash Player

Adobe Warn About Flash Security Issues

Adobe warns the users about its security vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player.

The vulnerability exists in the Flash Player component, but despite Adobe said that the attack could only be detected in Windows, threats can also spread to other popular operating systems including Mac OSX, Linux, Chrome and Android.

The company also warned that the software Adobe Acrobat Reader and is the subject of this vulnerability.

'Mango' Microsoft Update Windows Phone 7 | Microsoft Windows Phone

'Mango' Microsoft Update Windows Phone 7

Microsoft will do an update on Windows 7 Phone them with the code name 'Mango' at MIX11 Conference which will held in the near future.

In the developer event which held in Las Vegas, the software giant will provide an update, especially in several features including renewal on Facebook, multitasking is available for third party developers.

Other features which also presented in this Mango version is, access for developers to enter into contacts, GPS, and other features as part of the integration for the application.

Microsoft also explained that the improvement in Mango will spend up to 30 percent memory from the previous version. At Mango, Skype and Spotify are two examples of popular applications that will come to this Windows Phone 7.

Mango will include an updated for the web browser, which Microsoft described as the full version of Internet Explorer 9. The company was showing off hardware acceleration that enables HTML5 runs much faster than their rivals IOS and Android.

Firefox 5 will be Launched June 21

Firefox 5 will be Launched June 21

Mozilla will launch Firefox 5 browser on June 21. This indicates that they have two months to update the new Firefox 4 which launched in last March.

It is known that Firefox 5 will be integrated with social media, display and improved user interface tabs. Beta version will be launched next month, while entering the final version takes approximately five weeks later.

It is slightly different from the previous method Firefox launch, considering when Firefox 4 was first launched is more than 75 million users who downloaded it.

Users expect that Firefox 5 will be more stable than before, along with some developments and additions.

Windows 8 Created As IOS Rival

Windows 8 Created As IOS Rival

Windows 8 is not yet announced by Microsoft as a substitute for Windows 7 success, but some analysts already predict the presence of these operating systems.

Most obvious, of course, that Windows 8 will be built to rival Apple's IOS, which is now so popular devices on the market. This prediction is seen, because it seems the new OS will be a new iteration with cross-platform effort that is designed for different devices.

Analyst Paul Thurrot and Rafael River mentioned a number of new features that will come in Windows 8 will be a compatible version for smartphones and tablets.

It will present a user interface features for Windows Explorer and document reader that uses a similar model package applications with Windows Phone 7.

Google Buying Mobile Music Service Companies Pushlife

Google Buying Mobile Music Service Companies Pushlife

A report suggesting that Google has bought mobile-music company from Canada called Pushlife.

Services from Pushlife it self allow the iTunes users to synchronize their music with the service which offered music platform that has a mobile network.

Google rumored to release funds amounting to USD25 million to buy Pushlife, which was founded by former employees of Research In Motion (RIM), Ray Reddy.

The main service offered by Pushlife is the ability to synchronize the non-Apple device with iTunes platform. In addition, Pushlife also offer services to mobile network for capable of allowing users to synchronize a music service with mobile network services.

PSP 3000 | Get Lower Price For Sony PlayStation Portable | PSP

Get Lower Price For Sony PlayStation Portable

Sony Computer Entertainment announced that they has lowered the retail price of the PlayStation Portable (PSP) 3000. PlayStation Portable 3000 previously sold for USD380, these devices are now selling for USD240.

This news comes after the reports that the PSP selling is still beat Nintendo 3DS in Japan, just two weeks after the device was launched.

Mighty Ape online retailers selling the PSP 3000 amounted to USD330 and game stores EB Games also has lowered the price to USD228.

The PlayStation Portable is a great demand portable gaming device in New Zealand, with sales now reaching more than 170 thousand units.

Steve Jobs Biography Launched Early 2012 | Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Biography Launched Early 2012

Biography books that discuss about Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, which is titled 'iSteve: The Book of Jobs' finally launched in early 2012.

Books 'iSteve: The Book of Jobs' written by Walter Isaacson, a renowned biographer, former CEO of CNN and the managing-editor of Time magazine. Isaacson in this book managed to get access to Apple, Steve Jobs himself, even to the Jobs family. Simon & Schuster will publish and distribute the book.

This book is four biography made by Isaacson, after the book "Kissinger: A Biography ',' Benjamin Franklin: An American Life ',' Einstein: His Life and Universe '.

"This book is a perfect match between the subjects with the author, about one of the greatest inventor in the world. Just like the previous books, Walter Isaacson uniquely successful to tell about Jobs," said Jonathan Karp of publisher Simon & Schuster.

EA: Battlefiled 3 Will Beat Call of Duty

EA: Battlefiled 3 Will Beat Call of Duty

CEO of Electronic Arts, John Riccitieello, claiming that Battlefiled 3 game will beat Call of Duty on the market.

EA will launch Battlefiled 3 in autumn this year. Riccitiello's say that the game was made to beat the game Call of Duty that made by their competitors, Activision.

"This November, we will launch the game Battlefiled 3, which would defeat the game Call Of Duty, which is currently the number one game in the video game industry. Battlefiled 3 is designed to beat the game which last year produced revenue of USD400 million on the first day of launch, "said Riccitiello's.

Google Plotting Embed Chrome OS for Tablet

Google Plotting Embed Chrome OS for Tablet

Google changed the concept of cloud-based operating system, OS Chrome, which may be embedded in the tablet. This is somewhat surprising, because the OS Chrome originally destined for notebooks.

“Yes we are seeking open-source operating system will work for the tablet, but we can not announce it in the near future,”said Google spokesman.

Chrome OS designed from the beginning to work in various form factors. To see the different partners to build various types of devices based on the Chrome OS, but firstly our initial target to the notebook,” he clarified again.

This is somewhat confusing to some experts, the article Google Android Honyecomb commitment to present as a special operating system for tablets.

Blackberry Messenger Features Omitted on Playbook

Blackberry Messenger Features Omitted on Playbook

Research In Motion (RIM) soon welcome the brand-new product in the BlackBerry family, the Playbook tablet. But for BlackBerry lovers, you have prepared to be disappointed with some of the features in this device.

Because according to news, there are some features on the BlackBerry that RIM is likely to be accidentally removed. One of these features is BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service . Yes, the features in this smartphone will reportedly not be presented.

According to rumors, RIM will not completely eliminate the most popular instant messaging service in the Playbook. Because Playbook users can still connect with the BlackBerry Bridge.

22 Million Tablet Will Slide in Europe and Surrounding Areas

22 Million Tablet Will Slide in Europe and Surrounding Areas

During the year 2011, based on predictions made ​​by IDC, tablet shipments will reach 22 million units in Europe, the Middle East and Europe (EMEA). This means an increase compared to the year 2010, which the number of delivery approximately 6 million units.

According to IDC, the great number of shipments in 2011 is because more vendors are churning out a tablet device so far this year. And more businessmen are beginning to switch to the tablet.

"IDC estimates that the EMEA market for the tablet reaches more than tripled in 2011 with the achievement of reaching 22 million units," said Eszter Morvay, from IDC.

IDC also predicts that the iPad will continue to drive phenomenal traction. And the new release of IPAD 2 will allow Apple to maintain its position among its competitors with a slimmer design, twice performance and the speed then the availability of products will continue to grow throughout EMEA.

Resident Evil Game | Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City | Xbox 360

The Latest Resident Evil Game In Progress

Capcom stated that they are working on the latest Resident Evil game for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which will be launched this season.

"Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a third person team-based shooting games, at the Raccoon City which hit by deadly virus,"said the Capcom.

The users will act as the Umbrella Security Service troops sent into Raccoon City by elite troops who intend to destroy evidence and eliminate the people who survived.

Game 'Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City' will be available in four-player cooperative option and multiplayer modes.

Tiny Wings VS Angry Birds | Tiny Wings | Angry Birds | Mobile Game

Bored with Angry Birds, Try Tiny Wings

Mobile game Angry Birds can swing smoothly without any competition for long time, but their dominance will soon begin to be disrupted.

Because the users which are fed up with Angry Birds now begin to look for another game, called Tiny Wings. Application of this game itself is already present in the App Store.

Tiny Wings Game tells the story about the birds with small wings and dreams to fly across the hills. For the little bird that can fly away, along the way there are bonus in the form of scattered coins which can increase the number of points.

iPad Apple Will Higher Than HP | Apple iPad | iPad and HP

Survey: iPad Apple Will Higher than HP

Market research firm, Forrester, says that Apple's iPad may continue to have growth rates up to 50 percent for the next two years.

George Colony of Forrester said that if the rate of growth allow Apple is bigger than IBM next year and grow more bigger than HP next two years.

Colony also predict that such growth rates can indicate Apple's revenue amounted to USD200 billion. However, Forrester also warned that the resignation of Steve Jobs is a big blow for the assessment of the company.

Colony says a bit about Google, Apple's competitors. It is said that Google is still too focused on the Internet.

New Honda CBR250R | 2011 Honda CBR250R | Honda Sport Bike

2011 Honda CBR250R

Honda recently launched the all-new Honda CBR250R sport bike. It is a sporty, fun, lightweight and affordable motorcycle aimed for those entering the sport of motorcycling. The new CBR250R is available in two versions: the CBR250R and the CBR250R ABS with Anti-lock Brake System and in Black and Red/Silver exterior colors.

The new CBR250R uses a single-cylinder engine with fuel injection, double-overhead cams and a counter balancer. Because it’s a single-cylinder machine, the new CBR250R is narrow, and with its low 30.5-inch seat height and light 359-pound curb weight, putting your feet down in parking lots or at stoplights can be a lot easier.

Press release American Honda Motor Company’s Powersports Division announced to its dealers today the release of an all-new motorcycle designed for those entering the sport of motorcycling, one that’s sporty, fun, lightweight and affordable: the CBR250R. “This is really an amazing machine we’re adding to Honda’s list of models for 2011,” said Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. “The CBR250R is specifically aimed at new riders, yet it’s packed full of high-tech features and offers great performance, all in a lightweight, affordable package. This new model expands another segment of the market for Honda buyers.” More detailed information and images of Honda’s model line can be found on or see your local Honda powersports dealer.

iPhone 5 | iPhone 5 Date Release | Apple iPhone 5

Rumor: New iPhone5 Released October

If the previous iPhone5 touted will be introduced on June 6, 2011, now appears the new rumor if Apple’s smart phone would occur in October, or even early 2012.

Speculation was stuck following the word of Apple’s Senior Vice President Philip Schiller when announcing the event World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2011, Tuesday. The event held on 6-10 June 2011 believed to be utilized to introduce Apple iPhone 5. But, his speech makes some people doubt it.

“At this year’s conference, we will introduce the next future IOS and Mac OS,” said Schiller.

Schiller explanation reveals that Apple take a focus on software rather than hardware, that makes some technology observers indicated if the iPhone 5 launch plot is not going to do with WWDC events like earlier news.

“The announcement can supports the information which i get from my sources about the conference. This year’s, WWDC will be the event for the software, not hardware,” wrote the editor of Macworld’s Jim Dalrymple on his blog.

Amazon's Cloud Music Service | Cloud Music | Cloud Storage | Cloud Player

Amazon’s Cloud Music Services Surprise Android & Apple

Amazon beat Apple and Google by launching a brand-new cloud-based music service, Cloud Player. This service lets users store their music collection online and access them via various devices.

The launch of this service from Amazon quite shocking the public. The reason, many people reckon Apple or Google was the one who will first introduce a music service cloud.

Giant retail stores from the United States had announced the presence of Cloud Player, Tuesday (29.03.2011. With this service users can upload their music collections and thousands of other songs that are bought through various online stores, including Apple’s iTunes. Users can listen to collection track them through the Cloud Player on Android phones and computers.

“Our customers have said that they do not want to download music via their computer or mobile phone as it would be hard to go music collection into other devices,” said Bill Carr as vice president for music and movies on Amazon.

Dell Unveils Tablet Streak 7

Dell Unveils Tablet Streak 7

Dell introduced the seven-inch tablet Streak 7, the latest 7-inch tablet from Dell is using the Android OS 2.2 (Froyo), using the NVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile processors, and 7-inch multitouch screen with WVGA resolution 800×480 using materials Corning Gorilla Glass.

In addition, the tablet Streak 7 has a 1.3 MP camera front and rear 5 MP camera, memory 16 GB hard drive that can add up to 32 GB, and browsers that use a browser that supports HTML and Adobe Flash 10.1.

For connectivity, Streak 7 use Wifi 802.11b/g/n. Then Streak 7 also features Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.