Techno Game: Battlefield 3 Preorder | Battlefield 3 | Physical Warfare Pack

Get Your Game Battlefield 3 for Preorder

Techno Game: Battlefield 3 Preorder | Battlefield 3 | Physical Warfare Pack - Video games retail sellers GameStation and Game has announced extra content and some bonuses if the user performs preorder games that will be launched Electronic Arts, Battlefield 3.

Incentives received through preorder game Battlefield 3 is a Physical Warfare Pack, which is a series of new weapons for the game.

Physical Warfare Pack also includes gun Type 88 LMG, which provides extreme fire power, and some other extra weapons.

In addition, users who did preorder the game Battlefield 3 also will get "Back to Karkand", a feature that allows the 'remake' of the game Battlefield 2 maps.

Map that is on Back to Karkaand already including Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman and Sharqi Peninsula.

Battlefield 3 is a game first person shooter developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and is produced by Electronic Arts. Battlefield 3 will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2011 for Microsoft Windows platforms, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Techno Geek: Opera Mini Browser | Opera Mini 6 For IOS | iOS Opera Browser

Get Your Opera Mini 6 for IOS

Techno Geek: Opera Mini Browser | Opera Mini 6 For IOS | iOS Opera Browser - Opera Mini 6 browser for IOS have ready to release and can be downloaded free from Apple's App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Opera Mini mobile browser offers a different experience when surfing the web to complete the iPad browser and the iPhone which is already available. Compression feature nearly 90% of the traffic data for fast and cost-effective and it will not make users lose patience when you are in a slow Internet connection network, or when roaming.

For users who have iPhones 4, Opera Mini 6 can adapt in high resolution and changes to the user interface (UI) to accommodate the size of the screen.

As for users of the iPad, the Opera Mini browser version 6 will change the display to be more comfortable for the tablets.

"I would compare it to walk onto the stage and hear the roar of the audience," said Opera chief executive, Lars Boilesen, when describing his feelings when Opera Mini 6 is available on the App Store in its official statement.

"We've held a lot of practice and was ready to try new experiences. Browser Opera Mini always match the tempo when it download page, and now browsing becomes more smooth and easy," he concluded.

Opera Mini 6 for IOS claimed for faster and smoother in movement and zoom, which makes the users get a more detailed view for every page, in one smooth motion.

In addition, Opera Mini 6 also displays a button to share the sites you like on your friends at My Opera, Facebook, Twitter or Russia vKontakte social networking site directly from the browser.

Behind the stage, the engineers have changed the Opera browser to be faster and lighter. Quickly navigate, even on a large web page, for instant access. In IOS, the Opera Mini browser is registered as single downloads for all devices IOS.

Techno Lounge: Mango Features | Microsoft Mango Features | Windows Phone 7.5

Microsoft Promises Will Be 500 New Features in Mango

Techno Lounge: Mango Features | Microsoft Mango Features - Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has promised that Windows Phone 7.5 update which has a code name 'Mango' will bring 500 new features for the platform.

Speaking at a Microsoft developer conference in Japan, Ballmer highlighted the importance update for the Windows Phone platform, which he claims that the update will bring 500 new features and bring the functionality of the OS 'in line with its competitors.

Microsoft is expected to reveal Mango updates on events in London and New York on May 24.

Ballmer also said that Microsoft will announce a new partnership with mobile phone manufacturers (OEMs) and the new operator. This means that the platform will be available on mobile phones more and will be available in a variety of broader market.

Update Mango was first used by Microsoft during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This update is expected to bring faster web browser in the form in Internet Explorer 9, which includes multi-tasking, faster application performance, faster to transfer files and support for Office 365 and Windows Live.

But unfortunately, most of the 500 new features are still unknown. Because that's still too early to say whether the feature is enough to transform your Windows Mobile Phone into a competitive OS.