EA: Battlefiled 3 Will Beat Call of Duty

EA: Battlefiled 3 Will Beat Call of Duty

CEO of Electronic Arts, John Riccitieello, claiming that Battlefiled 3 game will beat Call of Duty on the market.

EA will launch Battlefiled 3 in autumn this year. Riccitiello's say that the game was made to beat the game Call of Duty that made by their competitors, Activision.

"This November, we will launch the game Battlefiled 3, which would defeat the game Call Of Duty, which is currently the number one game in the video game industry. Battlefiled 3 is designed to beat the game which last year produced revenue of USD400 million on the first day of launch, "said Riccitiello's.

For beat Call Of Duty Game may can be huge target, considering last year's Call of Duty: Black Ops reap $ 1 billion in the first six weeks of its release.

But based on the video trailer released by the party game developers Battlefiled 3, DICE, the game looks quite promising.

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