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New MacBook Air Released On Late June

New rumors are flying around new MacBook Air, some sources said that Apple Inc ready to selling this MacBook Air in late June with 380,000 units as the first shipment. And it may come with Apple's newest operating system, Lion OS X, as well as new Sandy Bridge processors.

MacBook Air released

CNET reports that Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore wrote as much in a note circulated via email: "Our checks suggest a forthcoming MacBook Air refresh in July where we believe units could ramp to as high as 1.5M units per [quarter] or 50 percent of the MacBook business."

Whitmore noted that Lion could be a potentially strong upgrade with its more than 250 new features — including iCloud, full screen apps, Multi-Touch gestures and a redesigned Mail app — and coinciding with a "MacBook Air refresh."

Reuters is also carrying a report derived from Taiwan's "Economic Daily" that points to a shipment of 380,000 new MacBook Air in late June. The last redesign of the MacBook Air came in October and was lighter, cheaper and had a better battery than its predecessor.

Still MacBook Air

Apple Insider also cited another analyst who used the same numbers and affirmed the same development, and gave more details about the Sandy Bridge processors.

"Economic Daily" also published a rumor that the iPad 3 will have significantly better resolution than the iPad 2.

So, just wait for new MacBook Air

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