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Get Lower Price For Sony PlayStation Portable

Sony Computer Entertainment announced that they has lowered the retail price of the PlayStation Portable (PSP) 3000. PlayStation Portable 3000 previously sold for USD380, these devices are now selling for USD240.

This news comes after the reports that the PSP selling is still beat Nintendo 3DS in Japan, just two weeks after the device was launched.

Mighty Ape online retailers selling the PSP 3000 amounted to USD330 and game stores EB Games also has lowered the price to USD228.

The PlayStation Portable is a great demand portable gaming device in New Zealand, with sales now reaching more than 170 thousand units.

PSP is a handheld game console made ​​by Sony Computer Entertainment. Was first launched in 2005. Until now there have been several series of PSP, namely Slim and Lite, 3000 and Go.

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