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'Mango' Microsoft Update Windows Phone 7

Microsoft will do an update on Windows 7 Phone them with the code name 'Mango' at MIX11 Conference which will held in the near future.

In the developer event which held in Las Vegas, the software giant will provide an update, especially in several features including renewal on Facebook, multitasking is available for third party developers.

Other features which also presented in this Mango version is, access for developers to enter into contacts, GPS, and other features as part of the integration for the application.

Microsoft also explained that the improvement in Mango will spend up to 30 percent memory from the previous version. At Mango, Skype and Spotify are two examples of popular applications that will come to this Windows Phone 7.

Mango will include an updated for the web browser, which Microsoft described as the full version of Internet Explorer 9. The company was showing off hardware acceleration that enables HTML5 runs much faster than their rivals IOS and Android.