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Survey: iPad Apple Will Higher than HP

Market research firm, Forrester, says that Apple's iPad may continue to have growth rates up to 50 percent for the next two years.

George Colony of Forrester said that if the rate of growth allow Apple is bigger than IBM next year and grow more bigger than HP next two years.

Colony also predict that such growth rates can indicate Apple's revenue amounted to USD200 billion. However, Forrester also warned that the resignation of Steve Jobs is a big blow for the assessment of the company.

Colony says a bit about Google, Apple's competitors. It is said that Google is still too focused on the Internet.

But Forrester's observation about Apple iPad product seems quite different, because they were initially predicting that Apple will sell 3.5 million tablets iPad in 2010. While the fact is, Apple could sell iPad 14.8 million in 2010.

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