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Royal Wedding Malware Alert!

Grand wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton have been established. Norton computer security firm urged Internet users to avoid the risk of a number of searches inserted malware.
Recognizing the high public interest is anticipated marriage, Norton released a list of related topics to avoid the biggest wedding of the century. Surprisingly, 61 percent of users exposed to malware attack that appears after clicking the site of the search "William and kate movie. "
Meanwhile, 58 percent infected with the virus while looking for photographs of "the death of princess Diana."

Surprisingly, the search for "royal wedding dress" or "wedding dress design Kate Middleton" was more secure from malware attacks. Here is a list of related searches William and Kate's wedding which is considered most at risk by the Norton:

 1. William and kate movie (61%)
 2. Princess diana death photos (58%)
 3. Prince charles age (57%)
 4. William and kate movie cast (57%)
 5. Prince charles alzheimer's (57%)
 6. Princess diana death date (55%)
 7. William and kate movie actors (53%)
 8. Prince charles and alzheimer's (49%)
 9. William and kate movie wiki (46%)
 10. Princess diana death facts (46%)
 11. Royal wedding guest list kanye (45%)
 12. Princess diana death car (45%)
 13. Prince charles tampon (43%)
 14. Princess diana biography (42%)
 15. Princess diana death age (41%)

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