Google Buying Mobile Music Service Companies Pushlife

Google Buying Mobile Music Service Companies Pushlife

A report suggesting that Google has bought mobile-music company from Canada called Pushlife.

Services from Pushlife it self allow the iTunes users to synchronize their music with the service which offered music platform that has a mobile network.

Google rumored to release funds amounting to USD25 million to buy Pushlife, which was founded by former employees of Research In Motion (RIM), Ray Reddy.

The main service offered by Pushlife is the ability to synchronize the non-Apple device with iTunes platform. In addition, Pushlife also offer services to mobile network for capable of allowing users to synchronize a music service with mobile network services.

This purchase seems to strengthen the rumors that Google wanted to launch a mobile music service that is optimized for Android users.

For the UK and Canada, Pushlife have collaboration with Virgin Mobile.

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