Lighter and Cheaper Wii | Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Prepare the Lighter and Cheaper Wii version

Lighter and Cheaper Wii | Nintendo Wii - Japanese gaming giant Nintendo rumored to be launching Wii with a thinner design and a cheaper price for the European market, end this year. The new console which is claimed have the white color will include Wii Remote Plus controller, Nunchuk, as well as some Wii games and Wii Sports Party.

Nintendo states this device will be thinner and cheaper than the Wii version before, although not stated exactly how much the price of the console. Not only that, Nintendo Wii also has not released the latest images.

But the design of the device was allegedly more horizontal than the Wii version at this time which is more vertical. Furthermore, this new Wii will not be compatible with games from the Gamecube.

Nintendo has not confirmed this console launch plans outside the European region. But the certainly is, this Wii new design will not be released in the United States.

These discourse rise up only two months after Nintendo announced a new generation console, Wii U. The console which is equipped with 6.7-inch touch screen and planned to be marketed in 2012.

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