Google Plotting Embed Chrome OS for Tablet

Google Plotting Embed Chrome OS for Tablet

Google changed the concept of cloud-based operating system, OS Chrome, which may be embedded in the tablet. This is somewhat surprising, because the OS Chrome originally destined for notebooks.

“Yes we are seeking open-source operating system will work for the tablet, but we can not announce it in the near future,”said Google spokesman.

Chrome OS designed from the beginning to work in various form factors. To see the different partners to build various types of devices based on the Chrome OS, but firstly our initial target to the notebook,” he clarified again.

This is somewhat confusing to some experts, the article Google Android Honyecomb commitment to present as a special operating system for tablets.

There is some speculation mentioned, Google also may plot to adopt a hybrid approach to the tablet, allowing users to boot and switch between multiple operating systems such as Chrome and Android.

There are currently no detailed information about plans for a company based in Mountain View, except wait until the time comes.

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