FaceTime Similar Features will be Embedded in Android

FaceTime Similar Features will be Embedded in Android

The software giant Google announced that they would bury the video chat feature which will come to the Android smartphone platform.

Google Talk instant messenger, will soon be built-in for Android OS, which mean users will have video and voice chat functionality. This feature first appeared in the 2.3.4 update for the handset's Android Nexus S.

This system will be operated between smartphone Android and Google Talk in Gmail web mail application on your desktop computer. Google said the video call feature can be made through 3G or 4G data network or through Wi-Fi.

New chat client that also will superimpose text chat on the phone screen and will allow users to exit the application to check something in another place on the phone.

William and Kate Middleton | Royal Wedding Malware Alert! | Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Malware Alert!

Grand wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton have been established. Norton computer security firm urged Internet users to avoid the risk of a number of searches inserted malware.
Recognizing the high public interest is anticipated marriage, Norton released a list of related topics to avoid the biggest wedding of the century. Surprisingly, 61 percent of users exposed to malware attack that appears after clicking the site of the search "William and kate movie. "
Meanwhile, 58 percent infected with the virus while looking for photographs of "the death of princess Diana."

Apple White | Analyst: The Mystery About iPhone 4 | iPhone 4

Analyst: The Mystery About iPhone 4

In recent day Apple launched the iPhone 4 with white color variants. In addition to interesting, this smart phone has a mysterious side.

According to analyst Brian Withe from Ticonderoga Securites, there are separate reasons why the iPhone 4 white variants is always delayed its release. With this delay could creates the impression of mystery in it.

"This delay (white iPhone 4) actually create a kind of mysterious impression of this product and we believe a certain demographic could see that the gadget is interesting," as he said.

Brian also believes the white iPhone 4 will be best-selling 1 to 1.5 million units in each quarter. And particularly in Asia, the iPhone 4 with white color expected well received by local communities.

"I believe the white iPhone will be popular in Asia, especially in China and Japan," adds Brian.

TweetDeck | iPhone | TweetDeck 2.0 has Comes to iPhone

TweetDeck 2.0 has Comes to iPhone

TweetDeck, one of the most popular applications for Twitter, has launched its update to the iPhone.

The latest version, TweetDeck 2.0, brings new designs, iOS4 compatibility, support for the movement, touch navigation and full customization for the column.

In full customization features for columns, users can have the columns that display search results from Twitter, direct message from certain accounts and news feeds from Facebook, as well.

TweetDeck 2.0 also provides the ability to see the full conversation in detail, tweet, add the feed as a column with a single touch, and send a long tweet through the support Deck.ly.

TweetDeck 2.0 applications already available in the iTunes App Store. So from now on to the iPhone web users could begin to replace the application with TweetDeck 2.0

Atari Game | Classical Game 'Paperboy' Coming to iPhone | iPhone Game

Classical Game 'Paperboy' Coming to iPhone

Still remember delivering newspapers in the Atari game called Paperboy? Now the classic game comes to the iPhone and App Store are already available.

Paperboy Game is free to download and use on the iPhone.

Just like the original version of the game, users will play a character Griffer to deliver newspapers, damaging the house that are not subject to newspaper delivery, and avoid the enemies along the road.

There is also a Story Mode, Classic Mode that allows users to play at the level of easy-to-medium-hard, and support for Game Centre

Nintendo Will Release Wii HD Console | Wii HD Console

Nintendo Will Release Wii HD Console

Recently released 3DS devices, gaming giant Nintendo will show off the console HD at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2011 which lasted 7 to 9 June 2011.

A number of U.S. technology website believe Nintendo will introduce a much more powerful console than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Although not known specification or control system is used, this console was allegedly still compatible with previous Wii games generation. Classic Nintendo games like Mario Bros. and Zelda is also expected to appear on the HD consoles.

Representative Nintendo is still silent about this news. But some analysts predicting Nintendo will market this device in 2012.

Adobe Warn About Flash Security Issues | Adobe Flash | Flash Player

Adobe Warn About Flash Security Issues

Adobe warns the users about its security vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player.

The vulnerability exists in the Flash Player component, but despite Adobe said that the attack could only be detected in Windows, threats can also spread to other popular operating systems including Mac OSX, Linux, Chrome and Android.

The company also warned that the software Adobe Acrobat Reader and is the subject of this vulnerability.

'Mango' Microsoft Update Windows Phone 7 | Microsoft Windows Phone

'Mango' Microsoft Update Windows Phone 7

Microsoft will do an update on Windows 7 Phone them with the code name 'Mango' at MIX11 Conference which will held in the near future.

In the developer event which held in Las Vegas, the software giant will provide an update, especially in several features including renewal on Facebook, multitasking is available for third party developers.

Other features which also presented in this Mango version is, access for developers to enter into contacts, GPS, and other features as part of the integration for the application.

Microsoft also explained that the improvement in Mango will spend up to 30 percent memory from the previous version. At Mango, Skype and Spotify are two examples of popular applications that will come to this Windows Phone 7.

Mango will include an updated for the web browser, which Microsoft described as the full version of Internet Explorer 9. The company was showing off hardware acceleration that enables HTML5 runs much faster than their rivals IOS and Android.

Firefox 5 will be Launched June 21

Firefox 5 will be Launched June 21

Mozilla will launch Firefox 5 browser on June 21. This indicates that they have two months to update the new Firefox 4 which launched in last March.

It is known that Firefox 5 will be integrated with social media, display and improved user interface tabs. Beta version will be launched next month, while entering the final version takes approximately five weeks later.

It is slightly different from the previous method Firefox launch, considering when Firefox 4 was first launched is more than 75 million users who downloaded it.

Users expect that Firefox 5 will be more stable than before, along with some developments and additions.

Windows 8 Created As IOS Rival

Windows 8 Created As IOS Rival

Windows 8 is not yet announced by Microsoft as a substitute for Windows 7 success, but some analysts already predict the presence of these operating systems.

Most obvious, of course, that Windows 8 will be built to rival Apple's IOS, which is now so popular devices on the market. This prediction is seen, because it seems the new OS will be a new iteration with cross-platform effort that is designed for different devices.

Analyst Paul Thurrot and Rafael River mentioned a number of new features that will come in Windows 8 will be a compatible version for smartphones and tablets.

It will present a user interface features for Windows Explorer and document reader that uses a similar model package applications with Windows Phone 7.

Google Buying Mobile Music Service Companies Pushlife

Google Buying Mobile Music Service Companies Pushlife

A report suggesting that Google has bought mobile-music company from Canada called Pushlife.

Services from Pushlife it self allow the iTunes users to synchronize their music with the service which offered music platform that has a mobile network.

Google rumored to release funds amounting to USD25 million to buy Pushlife, which was founded by former employees of Research In Motion (RIM), Ray Reddy.

The main service offered by Pushlife is the ability to synchronize the non-Apple device with iTunes platform. In addition, Pushlife also offer services to mobile network for capable of allowing users to synchronize a music service with mobile network services.

PSP 3000 | Get Lower Price For Sony PlayStation Portable | PSP

Get Lower Price For Sony PlayStation Portable

Sony Computer Entertainment announced that they has lowered the retail price of the PlayStation Portable (PSP) 3000. PlayStation Portable 3000 previously sold for USD380, these devices are now selling for USD240.

This news comes after the reports that the PSP selling is still beat Nintendo 3DS in Japan, just two weeks after the device was launched.

Mighty Ape online retailers selling the PSP 3000 amounted to USD330 and game stores EB Games also has lowered the price to USD228.

The PlayStation Portable is a great demand portable gaming device in New Zealand, with sales now reaching more than 170 thousand units.

Steve Jobs Biography Launched Early 2012 | Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Biography Launched Early 2012

Biography books that discuss about Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, which is titled 'iSteve: The Book of Jobs' finally launched in early 2012.

Books 'iSteve: The Book of Jobs' written by Walter Isaacson, a renowned biographer, former CEO of CNN and the managing-editor of Time magazine. Isaacson in this book managed to get access to Apple, Steve Jobs himself, even to the Jobs family. Simon & Schuster will publish and distribute the book.

This book is four biography made by Isaacson, after the book "Kissinger: A Biography ',' Benjamin Franklin: An American Life ',' Einstein: His Life and Universe '.

"This book is a perfect match between the subjects with the author, about one of the greatest inventor in the world. Just like the previous books, Walter Isaacson uniquely successful to tell about Jobs," said Jonathan Karp of publisher Simon & Schuster.

EA: Battlefiled 3 Will Beat Call of Duty

EA: Battlefiled 3 Will Beat Call of Duty

CEO of Electronic Arts, John Riccitieello, claiming that Battlefiled 3 game will beat Call of Duty on the market.

EA will launch Battlefiled 3 in autumn this year. Riccitiello's say that the game was made to beat the game Call of Duty that made by their competitors, Activision.

"This November, we will launch the game Battlefiled 3, which would defeat the game Call Of Duty, which is currently the number one game in the video game industry. Battlefiled 3 is designed to beat the game which last year produced revenue of USD400 million on the first day of launch, "said Riccitiello's.

Google Plotting Embed Chrome OS for Tablet

Google Plotting Embed Chrome OS for Tablet

Google changed the concept of cloud-based operating system, OS Chrome, which may be embedded in the tablet. This is somewhat surprising, because the OS Chrome originally destined for notebooks.

“Yes we are seeking open-source operating system will work for the tablet, but we can not announce it in the near future,”said Google spokesman.

Chrome OS designed from the beginning to work in various form factors. To see the different partners to build various types of devices based on the Chrome OS, but firstly our initial target to the notebook,” he clarified again.

This is somewhat confusing to some experts, the article Google Android Honyecomb commitment to present as a special operating system for tablets.

Blackberry Messenger Features Omitted on Playbook

Blackberry Messenger Features Omitted on Playbook

Research In Motion (RIM) soon welcome the brand-new product in the BlackBerry family, the Playbook tablet. But for BlackBerry lovers, you have prepared to be disappointed with some of the features in this device.

Because according to news, there are some features on the BlackBerry that RIM is likely to be accidentally removed. One of these features is BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service . Yes, the features in this smartphone will reportedly not be presented.

According to rumors, RIM will not completely eliminate the most popular instant messaging service in the Playbook. Because Playbook users can still connect with the BlackBerry Bridge.

22 Million Tablet Will Slide in Europe and Surrounding Areas

22 Million Tablet Will Slide in Europe and Surrounding Areas

During the year 2011, based on predictions made ​​by IDC, tablet shipments will reach 22 million units in Europe, the Middle East and Europe (EMEA). This means an increase compared to the year 2010, which the number of delivery approximately 6 million units.

According to IDC, the great number of shipments in 2011 is because more vendors are churning out a tablet device so far this year. And more businessmen are beginning to switch to the tablet.

"IDC estimates that the EMEA market for the tablet reaches more than tripled in 2011 with the achievement of reaching 22 million units," said Eszter Morvay, from IDC.

IDC also predicts that the iPad will continue to drive phenomenal traction. And the new release of IPAD 2 will allow Apple to maintain its position among its competitors with a slimmer design, twice performance and the speed then the availability of products will continue to grow throughout EMEA.