Xbox Live with Windows 8 | Windows 8 | Xbox Live

Windows 8 Will Connect with Xbox Live

Windows 8 Will Connect with Xbox Live
Xbox Live with Windows 8 | Windows 8 | Xbox Live - Microsoft is ready to make the Xbox Live as the most universal online gaming platform in the world. In fact now there are many console games can be played online. Later the Xbox Live network will be much better than the Sony Playstation (PS Network) and Nintendo Wii.

Of course, Microsoft was able to invest a lot of effort and resources to Xbox Live, because anyone who wants to play in a multiplayer online game have to pay a subscription fee. There are no other platform that Microsoft is in serious work on it.

However, users who are willing to pay to get access each month or per year will have a deeper experience for Xbox Live play. Last year Microsoft had launched a lighter version of the service that runs on Windows Phone platform.

This means that for the first time, people can play with a smart phone to connect to the same game network with millions of people who play on the Xbox 360 console in their homes. This may be one advantage of the Windows Phone operating system.

Between Xbox Live and GFW Live

A few years ago when making network services to the PC, Microsoft uses a different approach with the launch of Game For Windows (GFW) Live. The service is functionally similar to Xbox Live, but in fact different. Results achieved GFW Live does not connect to Xbox Live and the list of friends or players between them also separately.

Larry Hryb, a spokesman for Microsoft's Xbox Live is now confirmed GFW Live will turn off and just keep everyone connected in the same service. It will also be done on Windows 8.

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