FaceTime Similar Features will be Embedded in Android

FaceTime Similar Features will be Embedded in Android

The software giant Google announced that they would bury the video chat feature which will come to the Android smartphone platform.

Google Talk instant messenger, will soon be built-in for Android OS, which mean users will have video and voice chat functionality. This feature first appeared in the 2.3.4 update for the handset's Android Nexus S.

This system will be operated between smartphone Android and Google Talk in Gmail web mail application on your desktop computer. Google said the video call feature can be made through 3G or 4G data network or through Wi-Fi.

New chat client that also will superimpose text chat on the phone screen and will allow users to exit the application to check something in another place on the phone.

Google says Nexus S will get updates during the coming weeks, then following other new Gingerbread devices.

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