iPhone 4S Have Bad Screen? | iPhone 4S Users Complaining About Its Screen

iPhone 4S users Complaining About Screen

iPhone 4S Have Bad Screen? | iPhone 4S Users Complaining About Its Screen - The emergence of the iPhone 4S are now beginning to reap the controversy. One of them is that some users are starting to complain about the screen that is slightly yellowish. Users complain through the forum on the company by saying the color of their new phones look quite weak and slightly yellow in color.

"The color is less bright and some look a bit blurry. I also noticed in some point of view it is more yellow, while others have seen more contrast," as one of iPhone 4S have complained.

This is a similar problem when the iPhone 4 was launched a years ago. At that time many users complained about the same problem. The company claims this is because the fast delivery, so that the glue which used to attach the LCD is not too dry and it is not quite normal.

iPhone users are very annoyed with the lighting it is very bright and hard to detect through the Apple Store, so the problems begin to appear when users no longer use the internet.

If problems do occur in the sizing, then Apple should get it within one or two weeks. If not, Apple may have to deal with many customers who will demand a replacement phone.

Some users say the problem occurs more in certain orientations. This implies there may be some changes in the polarization of the screen. Apparently, Apple, enabling users to swap their phones, if they really want to insist. So how about your iPhone 4S screen?

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