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LG Android Smartphone | LG Optimus Net | LG Optimus Q - LG has not given up in the smartphone market, especially for the Android system. One proof of the existence of South Korean vendors are the presence of two new Android from LG.

According to information circulating, LG will introduce two series namely, LG Optimus Net and Optimus Q. Although different on its series, but both of these phones have almost the same specs.

Overall, both phones are carrying the 3.2-inch screen sizes with HVGA display, while it have 800Mhz processor. The camera itself will carry the resolution which are not too big, just 3 MP, although previously rumored to be present with 5MP.

Meanwhile, the features presented are Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G networks. As for memory storage, LG adds 4GB microSD, which could add up to 32GB.

Then the difference between the Optimus Q with Optimus Net is, especially for Optimus Q will add a slider qwerty keyboard, while the other series (LG Optimus Net) with full touch screen only. Not yet known what price would be carried, including which countries for these phone.

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