22 Million Tablet Will Slide in Europe and Surrounding Areas

22 Million Tablet Will Slide in Europe and Surrounding Areas

During the year 2011, based on predictions made ​​by IDC, tablet shipments will reach 22 million units in Europe, the Middle East and Europe (EMEA). This means an increase compared to the year 2010, which the number of delivery approximately 6 million units.

According to IDC, the great number of shipments in 2011 is because more vendors are churning out a tablet device so far this year. And more businessmen are beginning to switch to the tablet.

"IDC estimates that the EMEA market for the tablet reaches more than tripled in 2011 with the achievement of reaching 22 million units," said Eszter Morvay, from IDC.

IDC also predicts that the iPad will continue to drive phenomenal traction. And the new release of IPAD 2 will allow Apple to maintain its position among its competitors with a slimmer design, twice performance and the speed then the availability of products will continue to grow throughout EMEA.

Karine Paoli, the vice president for IDC association in EMEA said, " The form factor of tablet has changed in the market for some time, it is targeted for business users or a particular segment, the emergence of 'tablet' was recently started by Apple and iPad as the star of succes for introducing new product categories and scenarios new uses that will encourage adoption of mobile devices and more advanced then it could be a great market opportunity to expand, "she said.

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