Firefox 5 will be Launched June 21

Firefox 5 will be Launched June 21

Mozilla will launch Firefox 5 browser on June 21. This indicates that they have two months to update the new Firefox 4 which launched in last March.

It is known that Firefox 5 will be integrated with social media, display and improved user interface tabs. Beta version will be launched next month, while entering the final version takes approximately five weeks later.

It is slightly different from the previous method Firefox launch, considering when Firefox 4 was first launched is more than 75 million users who downloaded it.

Users expect that Firefox 5 will be more stable than before, along with some developments and additions.

Previous browser, Firefox 4 was launched on 22 March. First beta version was launched on July 6, 2010, while the Release Candidate (RC) 2 was launched on 18 March.

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