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Bored with Angry Birds, Try Tiny Wings

Mobile game Angry Birds can swing smoothly without any competition for long time, but their dominance will soon begin to be disrupted.

Because the users which are fed up with Angry Birds now begin to look for another game, called Tiny Wings. Application of this game itself is already present in the App Store.

Tiny Wings Game tells the story about the birds with small wings and dreams to fly across the hills. For the little bird that can fly away, along the way there are bonus in the form of scattered coins which can increase the number of points.

On iTunes App Store, Tiny Wings game priced at 99 cents. Games that can run on iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad was still within the scope of bird life. Contrast with Angry Birds in the accompanying music that very 'excited', Tiny Wings comes with a background soundtrack so nice to hear.

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