Did You Know Apple Will Expand iPhone 4G in China | iPhone 4G

Did You Know Apple Will Expand iPhone 4G in China | iPhone 4G

Apple was allegedly will expand iPhone based on TD-LTE (Time Division-Long Term Evolution) with the first giant operator, China Mobile which is currently undertaking a trial service in several cities.

Yes, some time ago the China Mobile was busy testing the TD-LTE network, which has a speed of 20 to 30 times faster than 3G networks. Ticonderoga Securities Analyst, Brian White English claim if China Mobile chairman Wang Jianzhou is now negotiating with Apple to bring mobile phones with fourth generation technology.

“Remember, China Mobile has more customers than any operator on worldwide, with a total of 601 million subscribers by the end of March, or controlling 69 percent market share in the country,” writes White.

Maybe White’s analysis will not actually can be proven. Meanwhile, China Apple’s representative also rejected for comment.

China Mobile plans to conduct commercial trials of TD-LTE service beginning this year 2012 after initial tests in six major Chinese cities, including Shanghai. If the partnership with Apple is really happen, China Mobile will further strengthen its status as the world’s largest operator.

Currently, Apple’s sole partner for the iPhone 3G distribution is China Unicom the second largest operator in China.

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