Asus Netbook | Eee PC X101 | MeeGo OS on Asua Eee PC X101

Eee PC X101, A MeeGo Netbook from Asus

Asus Netbook | Eee PC X101 | MeeGo OS on Asua Eee PC X101 - Had introduced at the Computex 2011 event, Asus released the Eee PC X101 which is now carrying the last MeeGo operating system.

Eee PC X101 is also claimed as the thinnest and lightest netbook with a thickness of 17.6 millimeters and weighs 920 grams. Asus Eee PC X101 Netbook is equipped with Intel Atom processor 1GB of RAM, two USB 2.0 ports, card-reader MicroSD and 8GB SSD that enables startup and opening applications more quickly.

In addition, Asus also includes technology Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) which are integrated in order to help conserve battery power netbooks. As quoted on Asus official statement.

Eee PC X101 With MeeGo

MeeGo operating system was developed to help users stay connected through the interface that is comfortable and easy to use. Users will remain connected with friends and relatives with special applications for Facebook, Twitter and special instant messaging.

Google Chromium browser also complement MeeGo to surf the web, plus a variety of cloud-based services such as asus@vibe, asus AppStore, and also available online file storage Dropbox which are popular for users.

Eee PC X101 also provides specialized applications for users who want to learn English, namely British Home Language Learning program that comes with a form of content in the form of interactive games, videos, and mp3. There are more than 300 content was developed by team of English Language Training (ELT) and the British Council, with applications designed by the Intel Performance Learning Solutions.

Eee PC X101 Configurations

Eee PC X101 Netbook is also offered in X101H configurations, with the option of using Windows 7 Starter with 320GB HDD. Type X101H provide options for users to choose the configuration that is most convenient for their use.
Asus presents four options for the Eee PC X101 colors namely white, black, brown and red.

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