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Microsoft Promises Will Be 500 New Features in Mango

Techno Lounge: Mango Features | Microsoft Mango Features - Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has promised that Windows Phone 7.5 update which has a code name 'Mango' will bring 500 new features for the platform.

Speaking at a Microsoft developer conference in Japan, Ballmer highlighted the importance update for the Windows Phone platform, which he claims that the update will bring 500 new features and bring the functionality of the OS 'in line with its competitors.

Microsoft is expected to reveal Mango updates on events in London and New York on May 24.

Ballmer also said that Microsoft will announce a new partnership with mobile phone manufacturers (OEMs) and the new operator. This means that the platform will be available on mobile phones more and will be available in a variety of broader market.

Update Mango was first used by Microsoft during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This update is expected to bring faster web browser in the form in Internet Explorer 9, which includes multi-tasking, faster application performance, faster to transfer files and support for Office 365 and Windows Live.

But unfortunately, most of the 500 new features are still unknown. Because that's still too early to say whether the feature is enough to transform your Windows Mobile Phone into a competitive OS.

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