PS Vita | PS Vita Release Date | PS Vita Will Glide On December 17

PS Vita On December

PS Vita Release Date
PS Vita | PS Vita Release Date | PS Vita Will Glide On December 17 - Sony finally confirm the launch of the newest portable console PlayStation Vita (Vita PS) which will begin to be launched in Japan on December 17. Sony's latest portable is already prepared with 26 title game and will run on 3G networks. Specialty for Japanese, PS Vita will work with NTT DoCoMo's 3G network as a provider.

PS Vita will come with some software designed to provide quality support camera, network connectivity and control systems using the touchpad. Game from Capcom which was first offered in this portable console is the 'Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom'.

PS Vita also enables users to interact with other players using the Japan popular video site Nico Nico Douga.

PS Vita Release Date

For its inaugural launch PS Vita will be present with 26 games. Although there are approximately 74 other games that are in the hands of developers, including some popular games like Konami's Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy from Square's Unix.

The Sony's ability to distribute these Sony Vita is very important. Since Nintendo as his main rival was forced to slash prices 3DS devices earlier this year and less than six months after its launch the Nintendo was forced to slash prices by 40 percent worldwide. So what about Sony with its Sony Vita console...

PS Vita Price

In the statement, Sony is expressly refused to cut rates before its launch, PS Vita will be priced at USD324 for the WiFi version. As for 3G and WiFi versions priced at USD390. NTT DoCoMo as Japan's largest mobile phone operator will issue an affordable cost to use 3G for PS Vita users with USD65 for access to over 103 hours.

Sony's emphasis on the PS Vita network functions show features that ultimately allow gamers to play online, which was hampered when using other PlayStation consoles at home. Then the application of Nico Nico allows PS Vita users to broadcast the game live and allow others to submit comments during game play.

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