LG is producing Tablet Nexus of Google

LG is producing Tablet Nexus of Google

Google said in the preparation of a new product. The largest Internet company is preparing to produce tablets of Nexus.

So far, Google's operating system is still used as a platform for the tablet from other vendors. After the departure of a smartphone with the same name that Google is convinced of the need to feel produce a tablet with its own brand.

Russian Blogger, Eldar Murtazin, who also wrote on the mobile review has claimed strong evidence that LG been given the responsibility of Google to produce tablets of Nexus.

"Previously, Google had to do with Samsung and HTC tablets Nexus approach, but refused to participate, " said Eldar Murtazin.

Sat Unfortunately Eldar, tablet, Nexus with Android OS 2.x, used operating system for smartphones, which can not be prepared to be 3.x operating system version designed to make must be made level. OS 3.x, often called the Honeycomb.

The tablet, which is probably called Nexus T, will be deployed later this year. You probably know that last match Android operating system version with the code name for ice cream.

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